Vegan Collection

Vegan Collection

from 20.00

Vegan (made with no dairy or animal products)
 In this collection, we offer a fine assortment of vegan chocolates.. Each truffle in the collection maintains our standard of creamy, rich, and flavorful confections while containing no dairy or animal product. 

The Vegan Collection includes a 15 piece selection chosen based on what’s in season or in stock. As an example, a 15pc Vegan Collection may include: 

Almond Rocher (1), Chocolate Marzipan (1), Coconut Haystack (1), Divine Treasure's Ginger Explosion (1), Divine Treasure's Peanut Butter Melt (1), Divine Treasure's Peppermint Patsy (1), Divine Treasure's Giggles (1) Divine Treasure's Egyptian Jewel (1), Divine Treasure's Buddha's Blessing (1), Divine Treasure's Lavender Blue Caramel (1), Rose City's Coconut Cream (1), Rose City's Mint Cream (1), Theo's Black Velvet Truffle (1), Rose City's Pomegranate truffle (1), Rose City's Ginger Peach Truffle (1) 

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