Shipping & Storage


Shipping Information

Orders are shipped out Monday through Wednesday via USPS. To ensure your chocolates arrive in quality condition, please check your local weather forecast and choose an appropriate shipping option. We advise your shipping address be somewhere you’ll be available to receive it and bring indoors.

Warm Weather Shipping

During June - Early September, we will only ship out orders Monday-Wednesday and may include an ice pack to help your chocolates on their journey. Due to weather and carrier errors outside our control, we cannot guarantee your order will arrive in perfect condition during this timeframe.

To help ensure your chocolates arrive in great condition:

  • Ship to an address you know someone will be around to save your box from the sun…your workplace is a great option if available!

  • Look at your local forecast and select a shipping option that makes sense. Your order will be shipping out from Northampton, Massachusetts, so Priority Mail would be a one day trip for our friends in Connecticut but a 3-Day adventure for our pals in Arizona.

  • Expect us to get in touch! We may need to adjust your order if we feel uncomfortable with the weather and may need to work with you on a solution. In the unlikely event we need to cancel your order, we will refund the card used to place the order.


Proper Storage and Shelf Life

Chocolates are best stored in a cool, dry environment away from sunlight between 62 and 68 degrees Farenheit, such as in a cupboard or on a shelf away from a window. Storage in a refrigerator is not recommended, as cold temperature and humidity can cause the fat content to separate and create an unpleasant white discoloration (bloom)

Truffles and caramels are prepared fresh and taste best if consumed within one month, but may be kept for two or three months depending on your storage conditions. Chocolate bars will often list a Best By date that is one to two years after date of production.