About Us

Heavenly Chocolate is a division of Cornucopia Natural Wellness Market, a staple of downtown Northampton MA since 1980. Our chocolates are prepared in small batches to ensure freshness and quality, and our connection to the market gives us access to organic and local ingredients whenever possible. We also carry a carefully curated selection of gourmet bars from chocolatiers around the world that highlight unique flavor combinations and ethically sourced cacao from a variety of regions. Our shop is located on the Main Level of Thornes Marketplace, directly across from the entrance to the E.J. Gare Parking Garage.


Custom Orders or Vendor Inquiries

Event/Large Orders: We’re happy to work with you to provide a memorable experience or parting gift for your guests and family. Please contact us using the form below with the details of your request, including approximate amount of chocolates needed and an estimated date they’re needed by. Please note we need approx. 2 weeks notice, and cannot guarantee orders with shorter notice (but we’ll try!)
Vendor Inquiries: If you are a chocolate producer or confectioner and would like us to carry your products, please submit your request below. Unsolicited samples, while appreciated, are not recommended.

UK Visitors: Please note that we are not based in the UK, nor have we appeared on any television series. You may be looking for a different company with a similar name.

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Warm Weather Shipping

During June - Early September, we will only ship out orders Monday-Wednesday and may include an ice pack to help your chocolates on their journey. Due to weather and carrier errors outside our control, we cannot guarantee your order will arrive in perfect condition during this timeframe.

To help ensure your chocolates arrive in great condition:

  • Ship to an address you know someone will be around to save your box from the sun…your workplace is a great option if available!

  • Look at your local forecast and select a shipping option that makes sense. Your order will be shipping out from Western Massachusetts, so Priority Mail would be a one day trip for our friends in Connecticut but a 3-Day Excursion for our pals in California.

  • Expect us to get in touch! We may need to adjust your order if we feel uncomfortable with the weather, up to and including cancelling the order and refunding your card.